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A Hole in my Boat


You been thru a lot... you meet them... they seem unfit need guidance in different ways... you remember when being alone and needed someone.... you take them in because this.... they fall in love with you.... they say they need you because their life is getting better by the day.... your great motivation for them.... your the reason they spend more time with there kids.... be careful.... PEOPLE Self destruct when they are scared.... When some use to DRAMA that's all they know..... Stay strong... and keep your head up.... YOU CANT TEACH LOVE AND RESPECT..... IF YOU SEE THEM DROWNING AND YOU PULL THEM IN YOUR BOAT AND THEY SAY THANKS YOU SAVED MY LIFE.. miles later they put a hole in boat.... and you start to sink... instead of putting them out the boat you just put duck tape to patch it.... JUST TO SAVE BOTH OF YOU..... sooner or later you going down.... MAKE BETTER Decisions in life.... YOU CANT SAVE THEM ALL

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08.03.2018 (643 days ago)
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