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Artist: Find Your Own Lane

Hello Artist: 

There are a lot of talented artist from all walks of life, so you have to be creative to stand out. You are competing with everyone who thinks just as you do, "I am the best."  I hear so many artist mimicking and sounding like artist that have already perfected a certain sound and that means, yes, that lane may be only opened temporarily, but just how far do you actually think you will go with a already created and established sound? I'll answer that, not too far. As a artist, you constantly have to think about what's next. Stay thinking outside of the box. Sounding like already established artist as well as artist you hear on the radio, will not put you in a place to, as everyone is saying to "secure the bag." Not saying that your song won't "blow" or "take off", but when that happens, and the patterned sound fades, what's next? You will always be known as sounding like such and such and the originator of that particular sound will keep growing, but you will have to find your own lane because now, that lane is closed and you have no purpose in that lane. So again I ask, what's next? Artist, find your own lane? What does that mean? Create something that hasn't been heard or done before or if it has been heard or done before, add your own twist, flavor, etc., making it your own. Find your own style. Develop yourself as a artist. Trust the Process! 


This is 10 Karat Giving You the Write-Keys...wink

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