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Artist: Get away from "YES" people. They are hurting YOU!!!

Hello Artist!!!!! 

Get away from "Yes" people. Yes, there are a lot of artist out there that make very hot and dope music, but all of your music isn't necessarily hot. Get away from family, friends, and anyone that will just go along with the flow and tell you "yeah that's hot" or "that's a hit", or even "everything you record is hot." Do you actually know how a hit song is selected or even made? It's that 1 special sound that will literally light up a room when heard, or when that record is played it will instantly make everyone around vibe to it, then still if it's not worked properly, it still isn't a hit, oh and sorry, just because your song is played a few times here and there on the radio doesn't make it a hit or hot either.  Surround yourself with people that are going to be honest and give you the honest truth whether you like it or not, with everything that you do. Those that are not truthful are actually hurting you because it doesn't allow you room to grow, work harder, as well as hinders in you perfecting your craft, because everything that you record is not hot. Once you start introducing yourself to a uncomfortable audience, only then will you see just how hot that record really is. So, surround yourself with honest people who want to see the best in you as well as for you.  This will only make YOU a better artist.....


And, this is 10 Karat Giving You the Write-Keys!! 

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