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Artist: Use only 1 name on ALL social media sites

Artist, you ever wonder why your fan base or following isn't up? When trying to brand yourself, label, etc. use only one name. This will only make the search in all search engines as well as all social sites easier for people, fans, followers, and potential fans/followers to find you and this will also link everything together.  We as people don't want to have to remember 9 different names to find you. The only time this should vary is if the name you choose is taken or the platform you are on won't except the format of your name. For example, on Facebook, my name is Ten Karat, only because it wouldn't take my spelling, if you will, instead of 10 Karat, but my fan page on Facebook is 10 Karat. Also on Instagram, my name is dareal10karat, only because 10Karat was taken. Other than that, everything would be 10 Karat... So, with all of this said, artist, narrow all your names down to just that one that you want everyone to know and remember, build your fan-base and following, keep God 1st, and let's network.... 

And... this is 10 Karat, giving you the Write-Keys !!!

10Karat 27.06.2018 2 336
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