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From da Hooligans to HTDB Comics

What's up Tri-City,  my name is Derek Jefferson and I am the creator of Hold that down Bruh comics and I am from Columbus, GA. I recently moved to Atlanta to promote my comic book business and I am aiming to be the biggest Comic Book Co in Atlanta and soon the world. Story writing and music writing is almost 1 in the same the main difference is you xont have to rhyme and your creativity isnt limited by writing about real life. In fact, music is the total opposite when you think about it, you can use your imagination when writing stories but you supposed to use real life events when writing music. Money Boy studios is 1 of the first studios I recorded at when I was pursuing a career in music and as I grew I realized how over saturated the rap game became and I lost inspiration to become a huge star and instead just settled for recording what I like just for me to listen to. I chose to go the route of comic book creating because I love story telling and I love when I bring my inner thoughts to life via illustration. I have a good buzz going for myself in the Tri city and I am continuing to grow my fanbase by tryna keep fans engaged on my website and by selling comics and attending con events in person. Please check me out and get your free comic book from my site just for becoming a new fan at Click Here


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