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Making it Thru the fight (THE BUILD)

I noticed SOME Destroy a good relationship on purpose ..JUST THEIR scared of something GOOD....Build him or her.....In some cases... I said in some cases... I noticed a lot of female are looking at men/boyfriends as daddy they never had.... if daddy was never around.. then comes the man of her dreams... SHE TAKE THE Opportunity to be very rebellious to the first real man in her life. Great women are coming with lot negative energy because of that's all they know at the time. Trying to stay thru the transitioning/battle with HER might hurt you more than you think... but if you make it thru it... you will have your Queen!! So maybe she is a hoe,slut or just lost.... that might be all she knows, but if she Choose to follow you maybe you can show her something new.... THAT Don't MEAN SHE Will GREAT FOR YOU.. but she might be ready for the next man.... REAL LIFE... SOMETIMEs YOU BUILD them UP Mentally and let them go that's what KINGS have the power to do.

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    Relationship is base on telling the true thru God ways.
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    I’m happy that you said KINGS though. I appreciate the article, however I feel like a lot of times we place many negative attributes in relationships on women. Now I do understand that we have to take our parts in the relationship but we have to acknowledge that it does take two! Today in love relations I see that many people are willing to have someone lay beside them but aren’t ready to help each other stand together. The most important work that can be done to build a strong and lasting relationship is inner work, because we can not build someone when they are missing pieces within that they must work on.
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    Yuuuup this is true
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