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file in the state mother is
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If the mother of you child decided to leave the state with the child and we can find them then what should this person do first... and they have any right at this time...
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I'm here ask away
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Legitimation, is you telling your state in paper form that you are taking responsibility for your Kingdom, which is your children. The process takes about an hour to get the paperwork together, then you file it, you get a court date to see the judge. Legitimation will get you rights to a blood test, your name on the birth certificate, kid's name change, and most of all visitation. Kids need their fathers just as much as they need their mothers. As a man and a parent, our kids come first. We must step up
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I actually thought Columbus, Ga was ready for change. Seeing some of the results of this past election, I see that we're not. Especially in that mayoral election. I, at least thought we would have a runoff in July, but that didn't occur. If you didn't vote, when the real gets super real, shut your mouth and accept what's being dished out because you had a opportunity to create change and you didn't. If you did vote, continue to speak up, lift your voices, encourage the next man, and thank you!!!
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You been thru a lot... you meet them... they seem unfit need guidance in different ways... you remember when being alone and needed someone.... you take them in because this.... they fall in love with you.... they say they need you because their life is getting better by the day.... your great motivation for them.... your the reason they spend more time with there kids.... be careful.... PEOPLE Self destruct when they are scared.... When some use to DRAMA that's all they know..... Stay strong... and keep
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I noticed SOME Destroy a good relationship on purpose ..JUST THEIR scared of something GOOD....Build him or her.....In some cases... I said some... I noticed a lot of female are looking at men/boyfriends as daddy they never had.... if daddy was never around.. then come the man of her dreams... SHE TAKE THE Opportunity to be very rebellious to the first real man in her life. Great women are coming with lot negative energy because of that's all they know at the time. Trying to stay thru the transitioning/b
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