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Legitimation, is you telling your state in paper form that you are taking responsibility for your Kingdom, which is your children. The process takes about an hour to get the paperwork together, then you file it, you get a court date to see the judge. Legitimation will get you rights to a blood test, your name on the birth certificate, kid's name change, and most of all visitation. Kids need their fathers just as much as they need their mothers. As a man and a parent, our kids come first. We must step up and equip them with security, love, compassion, wisdom and knowledge, that way, our kids won't grow up looking for this in these streets. There are resources that will assist men physical, and mentally. And it starts with a question. So be brave, open your mind and ask away.

I'm here ask away

If the mother of you child decided to leave the state with the child and we can find them then what should this person do first... and they have any right at this time...

file in the state mother is

Forums  ›  General  ›  Politics